TCC Relationships

Find out what you are attracted to deep down and learn how you can strengthen your relationship.

TCC Relationships


Discover what you are looking for deep down and how your relationships might play out with different types of people. Explore how you can make your current relationship stronger, as well as learning lessons from the past. They say love is blind, but it doesn’t have to be!

Measures five key areas that are a key part of every relationship. Find out more.

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TCC Relationships includes everything you need to build strong and happy relationships

Discover what makes you, you

Discover how your innate preferences and tendencies affect things that are important in every relationship. Learn how these can influence how you think, feel and act – as well as how you and your partner perceive each other.

Uncover your natural attraction

Find out the what type of people you are naturally suited to and what you are really looking for in a partner. We’re not talking about physical attraction here, but the traits you are magnetically drawn to deep down.

Remember it takes two to tango

Explore how different parts of your relationship might play out with different types of people. This might be your current partner, or perhaps looking back at a former partner through new eyes, or even weighing up future relationship possibilities.

Compare results with your partner

Ask your partner to complete the test too and learn where you might be more similar than you think – and where you really are different. Use the practical tips to make your relationship stronger and explore new ways of understanding each other.

What does TCC Relationships measure?

Trusting each other

Do you naturally favour stability over spontaneity? Find out how your innate sense of responsibility will be seen by your partner – and what this means for how far they can trust and depend on you to keep yourself and the relationship safe and secure.

Needing attention

How much time and attention do you need from your partner to feel secure? Discover how easy you’ll find it to accept that you will get your fair share from them, and learn how you can take turns so that one person's needs don't always take priority.


How important is it to you to be right? Find out whether compromising is something that comes naturally to you and learn how you can make more room for your partner’s point of view, or feel more comfortable to speak up and say what you really think.

Being yourself

Do you worry that your partner will judge you for being who you are? Find out what this can mean for how you want yourself and your relationship to be seen by others – and what you can do to feel more comfortable letting your partner get to know who you really are.

Wanting reassurance

How much praise or approval do you naturally look for from your partner? Discover how much emotional support you tend to need from them to feel secure in your relationship – and how you can learn to stay grounded or ask for a little more reassurance if and when you need it.