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Customer story. TCC Recruit

Specialist mining company uses TCC Recruit to understand more about candidate's natural style and mindset.


A subsidiary of one of the largest mining companies in the world was looking to appoint its first Strategy Director, reporting directly to the CEO. With only internal candidates being considered, the business knew the individuals very well but wanted to use TCC Recruit to understand more about their mindset and natural preferences, giving insight into how they would adapt to the challenges of the new role – as well as their longer-term leadership potential.


We worked with the business to define the characteristics required to be successful in the role. Each of the candidates was then asked to complete The Cambridge Code and received a copy of their results automatically. They were also invited to attend a personal debrief with a TCC professional to discuss their results and explore possible areas for future development. The business received a summary report giving an overview of each individual and benchmarking them against the agreed list of characteristics.


The results provided an objective way to compare the candidates and predict their suitability, taking into account the culture and style that each of them would bring to the role. They also highlighted key areas to be probed more thoroughly during follow-up interviews, and ultimately provided the business with the confidence to progress with their preferred choice.

All candidates reported that the experience was beneficial for their personal and professional development.

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