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Frequently asked questions

Why is my subconscious important?

The mind is our human superpower. It affects all aspects of our lives and it can help us, or it can trip us up, without us always understanding why. Knowing more about the fundamental traits and characteristics that shape your daily thoughts, desires and reactions offers the power of choice. The choice to take more control of your life and pick more of the things that suit you in life.

What does The Cambridge Code measure?

The Cambridge Code measures a range of deep-seated traits that make us who we are, and helps us to understand why we think, feel or act in the way we do.

TCC Careers measures 14 factors that are key to performance in the workplace. From assessing your innate ambition to discovering your natural leadership style – your results give you the latest insight from our scientists at Cambridge University to help you transform your career. Learn more.

TCC Life looks at 12 traits that play a key role in shaping your daily thoughts, desires and reactions. Knowing more about your natural resilience and adaptability, or your innate competitiveness, can help you to understand yourself better and choose more of the things that really suit you in life. Learn more.

Why is The Cambridge Code unique?

Most psychometric tests focus on visible or self-reported behaviours. They are measuring ‘what’ we do and ‘how’ we behave, and compare an individual to the average or norm within a given group or population.

The Cambridge Code is different because it allows us to understand ‘why’ people behave in the way they do. By treating the individual as a unique entity, it is the first digital tool capable of reading and interpreting the mind’s subconscious behaviour. It gives us access to an individual’s innate and learnt ways of making decisions and their reactions to the world.

Learn more about the science behind The Cambridge Code here.

How much does it cost?

You can see the price of our different reports here.

You only need to take The Cambridge Code once. You can then choose to buy another report at a discounted price and start to explore your results without having to do the questionnaire again.


How do I use my access code?

You can redeem your access code for TCC Life here.

Enter the code found in the front of your book in the box and then follow the instructions to create an account so that you can take The Cambridge Code and see your results.

How long does it take to complete the questionnaire?

There are 49 multiple-choice questions, and it should take less than half an hour to complete. For the most reliable results, try to find a time when you can complete the questionnaire in one go without being distracted.

How do I get my results?

You’ll get your results immediately. When you finish the questionnaire, click on the button to go to your report and start exploring your subconscious world.

You can click on each of the areas to explore them in more detail – from finding out what we are measuring with each of the traits, to discovering what your results mean for you.

What age is The Cambridge Code appropriate for?

The Cambridge Code is only accurate and for use by individuals aged 18 years and over.

Can I take the questionnaire more than once?

We do not recommend taking The Cambridge Code more than once. Our research shows that completing the assessment for the first time gives the purest and most valid information.

Once you have decided which of our products is right for you, log-in to your account to take the test and start exploring your results. You can then choose to buy another report and see your results without having to do the questionnaire again.

What if there’s no answer that I want to give to the questions?

We don’t expect you to always find the exact answer you are looking for. In fact, you may find that there is often no answer that you want to give. The questions have been carefully written to get you to think about a number of different situations and see how these would make you feel. If the response you want to give is not there, then try to choose the one that is closest or the best fit for your circumstances – your subconscious is being forced to take over.

Should I share my results with other people?

It’s totally up to you. Some people will instinctively want to keep their results private. Others may decide to share them with friends or family, to ask if certain things seem accurate, or perhaps even to request help to make changes in a particular area. Giving others an insight into your subconscious preferences may also help them to engage and connect with you in a way that best suits your needs.

How does The Cambridge Code protect my personal information?

Your privacy is our priority and we take care to protect your personal and sensitive information.

We will not share your results with anybody else without your permission. If you do decide to share your results, the actual answers you give in the questionnaire will remain confidential – they are not even seen by the team at The Cambridge Code!

All connections to our website are encrypted using SSL technology.

Learn more about our privacy practices here.

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