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One test. Different reports. Decide which is right for you.

TCC Careers

Discover how to make the most of your natural strengths at work and take your career to the next level.

TCC Careers

Learn how your innate preferences can influence you at work and how to take your career to the next level. From unleashing more of your inner ambition, to learning to be a better team-player, use your results to play to your natural strengths and keep your blind-spots in check.

TCC Relationships

Find out what you are attracted to deep down and learn how you can strengthen your relationship.

TCC Relationships


Discover what you are looking for deep down and how your relationships might play out with different types of people. Explore how you can make your current relationship stronger, as well as learning lessons from the past. They say love is blind, but it doesn’t have to be!

TCC Life

Find out what makes you who you are and what you can do to take more control of your wellbeing.

TCC Life


Find out what makes you who you are and what you can do to take more control of your wellbeing. Knowing more about your innate preferences and tendencies can help you to choose more of the things that really suit you and unlock all of your potential in life.

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Gift Card

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Give friends and family the power to take control of who they are with a TCC Gift Card.

Our book. “One Simple Test to Uncover Who You Are”

Explore our step-by-step guide to your subconscious and learn more about how The Cambridge Code works. Get FREE access to your exclusive TCC Life report and learn more about 12 traits that shape your daily thoughts, desires and reactions.

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Before you start…

The Cambridge Code asks you to consider a range of hypothetical scenarios as well as thinking back to previous events in your life. If you are affected by any of the questions, or are in any way worried about your emotional or mental wellbeing you should ask for support from those around you or seek professional help.

Can I take The Cambridge Code more than once?

We do not recommend taking The Cambridge Code more than once. Our research shows that completing the assessment for the first time gives the purest and most valid information.

Once you have decided which of our products is right for you, log-in to your account to take the test and start exploring your results. You can then choose to buy another report and see your results without having to do the questionnaire again.

What age is The Cambridge Code appropriate for?

The Cambridge Code is only accurate and for use by individuals 18 years and over.

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