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Discover how to make the most of your natural strengths at work and take your career to the next level.

TCC Careers

Learn how your innate preferences can influence you at work and how to take your career to the next level. From unleashing more of your inner ambition, to learning to be a better team-player, use your results to play to your natural strengths and keep your blind-spots in check.

Our most comprehensive report measures 14 factors that are crucial to performance in the workplace. Find out more.

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 TCC Careers gives you the latest insight from our research scientists to help you transform your career

Uncover what makes you, you

Discover your natural tendencies across 14 characteristics that are critical to performance in the workplace – from leadership and teamwork, to how well you deal with ambiguity and change.

Understand how these impact on your career

Understand how your characteristics can influence your behaviour at work. From working with others to how you come across in interviews, learn how these things can both help and hinder different aspects of your career.

Unlock your drive and potential

Discover if you are achieving your full potential with an in-depth assessment of your innate ambition and natural desire to develop. Find out if there are certain things holding you back and explore the reasons behind this, with practical suggestions to help you work on these things.

Succeed professionally

Remember that your behaviours can be as valuable as your skills and experience. Draw on your practical tips to help you take the next step in your career by playing to your strengths, as well as learning to manage possible blind-spots.

What does TCC Careers measure?


True ambition is innate and can be difficult to spot. Find out how strong your inner desire to achieve is, or whether you are limiting yourself in any way. Knowing more about your own level of inner drive can help you take action to flourish.


Nearly everyone will have to work with other people at one time or another in their career. Find out how well you naturally balance being competitive with being collaborative, and learn what you can do to enable others to flourish as part of your team.


Part of being a leader involves making decisions that affect other people. Discover more about your core leadership strengths and learn what you can do to make the most of them. Are you a natural leader, or is this something you need to work harder at?


Timely and effective decision making is an important skill in nearly all lines of work. Find out how much you like to think things through before committing to a choice, and what your natural level of decisiveness might mean for your career.


A desire to learn, improve and enrich ourselves can help us to reach our full potential at work. Discover if striving to develop and grow is something that comes naturally to you, and what you can do to overcome things that may be holding you back.


Coping with the stresses and strains of the modern workplace can require a great deal of toughness and determination. Find out how easily you bounce back when things don’t go to plan, and what you can do to boost your natural resilience levels.


The world is evolving faster than ever before, and the workplace is no exception. Find out how well you naturally cope with change and ambiguity, and learn what you can do to increase your ability to feel more comfortable in new roles and environments.


We all need support at work from time to time, but some people naturally need more than others. Discover what your innate emotional strength means for how much input and reassurance you look for, and discover what type of workplace will allow you to flourish most.


Communicating in a straightforward and open way is fundamental to building trust and loyalty at work. Find out how comfortable you are being transparent and taking responsibility when things do go wrong, and how you can tap into this trait to succeed even more at work.


There's a bit of a rebel in many of us – but too much of this can lead to a more complicated relationship with your boss or line manager. Discover how you naturally react to being told what to do, and whether you have a secret entrepreneurial streak that you can tap into.


Strong single-mindedness and independence can be a powerful force for driving your career forwards. Find out if you naturally want to do things in your own way or whether you look to others for input - and learn how you can feel more comfortable asking for and accepting help.


Thinking about how you come across at work is natural, but keeping your guard up too much requires a lot of energy and can take away some of your inner drive and potential. Find out how much you tend to control your image and what this can mean for your relationships at work.


Some people wear their professionalism lightly, naturally showing themselves as honest and trustworthy with their actions. For others this can be more hidden, and perhaps they even find it difficult to be straightforward in their actions altogether. Find out how you wear yours.

Risk appetite

Are you a balanced decision maker who is able to weigh up the relative pros and cons? Or someone who is naturally more attracted to taking risks? Some roles can benefit from a willingness to take risks, but if you are too drawn to this, then it could distort your sense of responsibility.