TCC Life

Uncover your innate traits and characteristics to take control of who you are and improve your wellbeing.

TCC Life


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Find out what makes you who you are and what you can do to take more control of your wellbeing. Knowing more about your innate preferences and tendencies can help you to choose more of the things that really suit you and unlock all of your potential in life.

Measures 12 traits that help to shape your daily thoughts, desires and reactions. Find out more.

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TCC Life includes everything you need to take control of who you are

Discover what makes you, you

Uncover your natural preferences across 12 key traits – from resilience and competitiveness to independence and adaptability – so that you can choose more of what really suits you in life.

Understand how these impact on your life

Get a short explanation of your results to help bring each of your traits to life and understand what they mean for you and how they can shape your daily thoughts, desires and choices.

Learn to play to your strengths

Get practical advice and tips on how to be more aware of your innate tendencies and responses. Find out how you can use these to your advantage, and what you can do to work on areas where they might be holding you back.

Explore where your traits come from

Dive deeper into your subconscious with podcasts that explore how our early years and childhood experiences can shape each of the traits, and the different ways that they tend to play out in our day-to-day lives.

What does TCC Life measure?


How naturally competitive are you towards other people? Learn how you can harness this to achieve your goals without impacting on others – or find out what you can do to make competitive situations feel less stressful.


How easily can you bounce back from a knock or a set-back? Draw on your resilience to look after yourself and those around you when things don’t go to plan – or be better prepared to ask for help when you need it.


Are you a naturally self-sufficient person? Learn to make more conscious choices about when and how you ask for help to strike the right balance of being independent and looking to others for input.


Do you tend to try and make things look better than they are? Find out how this can influence the way you communicate with others, and learn what you can do to feel more comfortable with things being less than 'perfect'.


Do you inherently dislike being told what to do? Learn how to make the most of your energy and feistiness, and how you can take more control of your natural response to authority to avoid 'cutting off your nose to spite your face'.


How much of the 'real-you' do you tend to show to others? Draw on your authenticity to build positive relationships, or explore some of the different things you can do to start feeling more comfortable with who you are.


Do you thrive on positive reassurance and support from others? Find out what you can do to stay grounded when this isn’t forthcoming – and learn how you can tap into your own nurturing nature to support others.


Do you tend to over-think decisions? Learn how you can avoid getting fixated on certain things and strike a good balance of keeping an eye on the details that matter whilst still striding forward in life.


How flexible is your approach to life’s ups and downs? Draw on your natural adaptability to support yourself and others in unfamiliar surroundings – or understand what you can do to make times of change feel less stressful.


How robust are you at making decisions that affect others? Find out how you can make tough decisions feel less stressful - or learn to recognise when you could take more time to think through the consequences of your actions.


How easy do you find it to set boundaries? Relish your ability to stick to healthy boundaries to build safe and comfortable relationships with others – or recognise where you might need a little more structure and learn what you can do to achieve this.


Does finding new ways of doing things come naturally to you? Find out how you can draw on your entrepreneurial spirit to make things happen – whilst also learning what you can do to feel more comfortable allowing others to be in control.