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Customer story. TCC Talent

UK regulator uses TCC Talent to empower graduates to take more control of their personal development.


The regulator wanted to work with its analysts to understand more about the mindsets and natural preferences that tend to thrive at this level within the organisation. The business’ Head of Resourcing and Talent wanted to use TCC Talent to support individuals in taking the next step in their career following the structured graduate programme, as well as giving insight on broader questions about talent identification and retention.


Taking place against the backdrop of Covid-19, the project was run entirely remotely. Individuals were invited to attend an online webinar to introduce TCC Talent and see why it is beneficial for personal development, and were then invited to complete the online assessment. Following this, individuals were given an opportunity to participate in a group workshop to reflect on the experience and ask any questions about their results, before going on to use their personal reports as part of 1-to-1 coaching sessions delivered by an external partner.


The results were used to identify key focus areas for each individual, which were explored during coaching sessions and incorporated into personal development plans. Individuals reported that the experience had improved their self-awareness and helped them to understand why certain aspects of work had seemed to feel more natural than others. Many individuals also recognised that this type of insight is not often readily available and valued the opportunity to do this so early in their career.

The business learned more about the type of person that tends to be successful on its graduate programme – with high performers typically showing common characteristics, such as a strong drive and competitive edge, balanced by an underlying focus on people. These insights have also been used to support decisions about planning for future roles following completion of the graduate programme.

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