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Customer story. TCC Talent

Leading professional services firm uses TCC Talent to enhance and differentiate digital coaching services.


One of the leading professional services firms had recently launched an innovative online and mobile coaching service and wanted to include digital tools to enhance their offering. They chose to use TCC Talent to accelerate the impact of coaching sessions by quickly building trust and understanding.


In this ongoing partnership, individuals being coached are invited to take The Cambridge Code and automatically receive their personal report. They are also given access to podcasts to immediately reflect on results, and understand more about each of their traits and learn how these can both help and hinder different aspects of their career. The results are then used to shape an individual’s coaching programme and identify key areas of focus.


Many coaches have reported that TCC Talent has helped them to be more efficient, getting to discussions in the first session that they would not typically expect to reach until the third or fourth sessions. In particular, it helps them to get a deeper understanding of what makes each individual who they are (without even meeting them), as well as providing a common language and framework that makes difficult issues more accessible.

The tool has also been well-received by individuals. Consistent feedback focused on being able to better articulate their areas for development during initial coaching conversations, as well as seeing how past experiences or themes have repeated and may held them back at different points in their career.

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