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Customer story. TCC Team

Marketing technology business uses TCC Team to support growth, whilst retaining entrepreneurial spirit.


The Senior Leadership Team were all seen as high performing individuals, but the business had struggled to achieve recent growth targets, which had started to raise questions with external investors. The lead investor wanted to use TCC Team to see if they had the right people to scale the business and were debating whether to appoint a more experienced COO to drive growth.


All members of the Senior Leadership Team took The Cambridge Code, and received a detailed report outlining their innate preferences and characteristics, with particular focus on leadership capabilities and working styles. The team participated in a group feedback session run by TCC professionals to explore the subconscious compatibility of their ‘working family’ and considered different ways to improve performance. The CEO and lead investor also received a summary report setting out the subconscious profiles of the team, as well as a list of possible implications of appointing a new COO.


The results showed >50% of the team had a highly rebellious nature that was impacting on alignment and commitment to decisions. TCC Team gave them an objective way of discussing how this was affecting their collective performance. It helped to re-build trust and led to the introduction of new working practices to increase efficiency and overcome defiance and decision paralysis.

The results also encouraged the lead investor to reconsider the appointment of their preferred candidate as COO. Whilst there was agreement that this hire would be beneficial, TCC Team helped to define the mindsets and values that would be needed to get the best out of the team.

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