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Customer story. TCC Wellbeing

The owner of most of the railway network in UK uses TCC Wellbeing to support its people and build unity.


The HR Director and Head of Transformation wanted to use TCC Wellbeing to support his team. An increasing workload meant that many individuals had become stretched, showing signs of stress and frustration. They were not working well as a team and were quite distrustful of each other, and of management. The Cambridge Code would offer individual support and help to build unity within the team.


All team members were invited to take The Cambridge Code and automatically received their personal wellbeing report. They were then invited to participate in a series of team review workshops run by TCC professionals, sharing anonymous results and exploring common themes across the group. Individuals were then invited to attend additional workshops focusing on key themes impacting the overall team dynamic, as well as running a drop-in clinic for individuals to discuss issues specific to them.


The experience was successful in building unity. The results helped to create a shared understanding and common language, helping to improve communication both within the team and for individuals with their line managers. It showed some people were facing issues shared by many others, which was reassuring and helped to create a sense of belonging and shared commitment. By being better able to articulate their areas for development in an objective way, it also allowed individuals to have a different and more constructive conversation with their line manager.

The senior leadership team also used the anonymised results alongside their employee engagement surveys to look at human capital insights, and deliver some targeted interventions to continue building unity over time.

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