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Customer story. TCC Wellbeing

World-renowned University uses TCC Wellbeing to help senior leaders build resilience.


Following a rapid rise up the university league tables, both academic and professional staff were faced with growing pressure to perform. The university’s Human Resources Director recognised the increased emotional strain that came with this and wanted to use TCC Wellbeing to help senior leaders develop the personal capacities and resilience to overcome these new challenges.


Senior leaders were invited to take The Cambridge Code and automatically receive their personal wellbeing report. Participants were given access to digital learning materials to explore different facets of their wellbeing in more depth and to learn how to build capacity in these areas.

After taking the online assessment, individuals were given the opportunity to attend a series of wellbeing workshops run by TCC professionals. These were designed to address key themes that emerged from the results, such as managing anxiety in a crisis, taking back the initiative, increasing resilience, and balancing their needs with the needs of their students.


TCC Wellbeing achieved an exceptionally high level of engagement, with >95% of those invited completing the online assessment and more than 50% attending at least one of the wellbeing workshops. 100% of participants reported that they felt more empowered to take control of their wellbeing – with many also believing they were now better prepared to recognise the situations that make them feel anxious or stressed and what they can do to overcome this.

The University now offers TCC Wellbeing to all employees as a standard part of its workplace wellbeing programme.

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