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Explore your wheel of 'anything'.

The 'wheel of anything' can help you to explore what’s happening in your life or career, or even to prioritise different pressures at work. Use it to take a snapshot of what is going well and what is not going so well, and focus on things you may want to change or do differently in the future. You can break the wheel into as many pieces as you like – you own the content!


Step 1.

Start by drawing a circle and splitting it into as many pieces as you want, labelling each part as you go – this could be anything from different parts of your life, to different goals or priorities at work, or even the people that you manage or work with.

Step 2.

Label the centre of the wheel as 0 and the outer edge of each section as 10, draw a line across each piece to show how satisfied you currently are with this part of the wheel (where 0 is not very satisfied at all, and 10 is very satisfied).

Step 3.

Once you have done this for each part of the wheel, take a step back and reflect on your whole picture. Are all the parts roughly the same? Or are there big differences? Is this what would you have expected? Are there certain parts that you would like to be more satisfied with?

Step 4.

Take a different colour and draw another line across each piece, this time showing what your ideal wheel would look like. Remember to be realistic here – not every piece is going to be “10” and making a change in one area may impact another area.

Step 5.

Once you are happy with your new wheel, choose an area that you would like to change and think about what you would need to do to make this happen. Challenge yourself to think about things that could stop you from achieving this – and remember to be realistic and only make plans that you will be committed to working on.

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