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Get more out of your results.

Our coaches have put together some simple exercises that can help you to start using your results to get more out of yourself and your career. They won't tell you what to do or suggest a specific solution, but they will prompt and challenge your thinking - from focusing on the goals that are important to you, to creating plans for areas you may want to change or concentrate on in the future.

Reflect on your resilience.

Work through a list of quick-fire questions to help you think about what affects your resilience and spot areas to explore further.

Change your perspective.

Practice putting yourself in other people’s shoes so that you get into the habit of trying to to see things from a different point of view.

Control your natural reactions.

Start to be more aware of your natural responses and learn how you can make your subconscious reactions more deliberate.

Work on your confidence.

Think about things that might be holding you back and explore how to step out of your comfort zones more confidently.

Challenge your unhelpful beliefs.

Think about the beliefs you hold about yourself and make a conscious choice about which ones to keep – and which ones to discard.

Take control of your emotions.

Understand the triggers that cause you to feel certain emotions and how you can stay in control of these feelings.

Explore your wheel of ‘anything’.

Take a snapshot of what’s happening in your life or career and consider if there are certain parts that you might want to work on.

Know your safe spaces.

Take some time to think through the different things you can do to stay grounded during difficult or challenging times.

Check-in on how  you’re feeling.

Decide where you are currently sitting on the ‘tree of life’ and ask yourself if there’s somewhere else you would rather be.

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