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Know your safe spaces.

Life can be tough, filled with all sorts of challenges and difficult experiences that may be sprung upon us at any time. We all need an element of resilience to get through difficult times in life – and particularly so at work. Safe spaces that give us an opportunity to heal and reflect can be important part of building this resilience.


Step 1.

Think about the safe spaces that work for you. Remember this could be anything that helps to protect, nurture or uplift you – they tend to come in lots of different shapes and sizes. For example, it might be a particular person, or a pet. Or you might find that a place, or an activity bring you comfort. Or perhaps something less tangible, such as thinking back to a previous experience, or remembering somewhere you visited that holds special significance for you.

Step 2.

When you find your safe space, slow down. Try to define it – notice what it is, and even try naming it. Is it always the same? What does it give you? How does it make you feel?

Step 3.

Think about how you can use your safe space to feel more resilient. When you need to use it, allow yourself to experience feelings that are both the good and bad. Then try to dial down whatever negative energy brought you here, and focus on the positives – think about how you can expand and preserve these feelings.

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